We started out with two cats whom we love dearly but know have four of our own, three of which are rescues and we foster fifteen ferals that would otherwise freeze in the Colorado winter, or possibly starve.  We know of two other feral foster homes, one in Colorado Springs, and one in Tennessee, whom both foster in excess of twelve ferals. We are all doing our very best to catch these kitties and have them spayed or neutered before they reproduce but we we are not always successful. We were blessed with a close by neighbor whom also feeds the ferals, and has captured, fixed and released five ferals himself. We are by no means experts in capturing, so we called upon the help of Happy Cats Haven in Colorado Springs whom helped us capture, fix and release many ferals. We all see ferals running around and wonder why nobody does anything about this. well, we are doing our best to help others understand ferals are not the problem, it’s the neglect and abandonment of their owners that are the problem. Once a cat is abandoned, it must now learn how to protect itself, hunt for its food and figure out how to protect its kittens because its owner did not spay or neuter them.