Any help would be Truly Appreciated

All amounts are current Year-To-Date as of November 26, 2019

Total Amount Donated
$ 0 .00

Please see our special thank you to organizations that have assisted with food and catch & release below.

Cat Food
$ 0 .44
Number of Feral cats we feed in the Colony
Spay, Neuter and Rabies Shot - Emergency Care
$ 0 .90
Cats remaining whom need fixed
Shelter, Beds, Straw, Heat
$ 0 .00

We purchased a composite resin two door shed to provide shelter for all these kitties. We added a shelf system so they have multiple levels for adequate space. This was in addition to the two igloo’s we had originally purchased prior to additional kitties showing up.

Expenses Minus Donations
$ 0 .34

While donations would be extremely helpful, we will continue to take care of these homeless kitties either way.
They are here because people either allowed their cat to roam, or left their cat behind at some point and had not spayed or neutered them.

Special Thank You!

Wild Blue Cats!

We are very grateful for your help with food for these fur babies. Thank you again!

Special Thank You!

Happy Cat Haven

We are very grateful for your catch and release assistance. Thank you again!

Special Thank You!

Mary & Kat

We are truly grateful for your help. Thank you!

Special Thank You!

Harley's Hope

Your help with food was truly a blessing. Thank You!

Please read the story behind Harley’s Hope. What an amazing group of people. God Bless you All!