About Us

We started this website at the request of a friend, who wanted to help us with the expense of caring for these kitties,
After working on this site for a couple of weeks, we agreed it would be a blessing if we could help other people caring for homeless or feral kitties as well.
The site was transformed into a membership site, in hopes that pet lovers would consider contributing to help provide food, shelter and litter to those people caring for these innocent kitties.

We are currently NOT a Non-Profit

Our intent is to form a non-profit organization, however as of now, we are unable to offer a tax deduction receipt for your donation. We are researching how to form the non-profit organization, and what guidelines we must adhere to once the organization is formed. Our guarantee to you, all money raised to care for these kitties will be used for that sole purpose.



We have four cats of our own, three of which were rescues. The kitty in the photos with us is Booties. I have had her since she was only four months old. These photos look like they were taken at the same time but were actually taken at not only two different times but in two different states. The one of Russell and Booties was taken in Malibu, California while travelling, and the one of Tessa and Booties was taken in our in home photography studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Booties 9 yrs. Old

I was blessed with Booties when she was just a baby. Booties loves the camera, and will usually pose for a half hour before becoming bored. Booties prefers to be carried, and will allow you to carry her all day if your back can handle it. She looks mean in the photo but she is a sweetheart. She is also our most vocal kitty… She will have conversations with you about her like or dislike of the food you are trying to feed her.

Teddy Bear 10 yrs. Old

Teddy Bear came into our lives after we lost Booties companion. She was homeless and turned into the Humane Society. We believe this kitty has been through a lot in her life, and were very grateful to have found her before they euthanize her. Teddy Bear loves to get spankies for hours at a time. Some cats love to be patted on their butt. Beware! If you try it on your cat, you may have to quit your job to satisfy their love of spankies..

Monkey 10 yrs. Old

Monkey was adopted from Happy Cats Haven in Colorado Springs. He was found living in a car with other ferals. He had been adopted, and then returned… He likes to keep to himself and prefers coming to you when he wants attention. While Monkey prefers to spend his time alone, we have caught him napping with the other kitties. Monkey loves to have his inner ears rubbed. We have to be careful though, his eyeballs roll back in his head when we rub them. LOL!

Jokie 4 yrs. Old

Jokie was living with family members who could not care for him, so we brought him home to join our family. Jokie loves to play jokes… Like jumping the fence when he thinks we are not looking. He keeps us in good shape. Jokie loves to be scratched for a minimum of twenty minutes daily. Funniest part of that, he waits until Russell gets out of the shower, jumps on the toilet seat and stares until the scratching begins. If he does not get his scratches, he is sure to jump the fence. 

We love to travel, and have shown these kitties as much as possible from coast to coast. They like to sit on the hill in Malibu California and watch the ocean but try and take them any closer, they let you know it’s not a great idea. They also love to visit Page, Arizona where they are free to play around our motorhome. We have decided to give up travelling for a while so we can be home and take care of the ferals in our area. Once we have help from someone who loves kitties as much as we do, we may try and take a short road trip. 🙏🏽